The Soul Podcast - Tools For a Joyful Life

Season 2 Intro

December 23, 2022 Stacey Wheeler Season 2 Episode 0
The Soul Podcast - Tools For a Joyful Life
Season 2 Intro
The Soul Podcast - Tools For A Joyful Life
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A short introduction explaining what I learned in season one and what to expect in season two. 

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“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” —Buddha

Welcome to the second season of The Soul Podcast.

I’m Stacey Wheeler

Well, my dear friends, this one won’t be like my regular episodes. While working on Season two I’ve had time to listen to season one. I’m happy with the work I’ve done, and I also realized the format for the show sounds a bit undisciplined. 

I’ve gotten positive feedback and the show seems enjoyable to those who’ve been listening. But in season one I was finding the direction of the show. I was exploring. Finding what worked. Figuring out what didn’t. I have an obsession with the Soul and I want to share it and see if there are others who feel the same. Season one gave me the opportunity to feel that out. But I didn’t have a set format. 

So, today I wanted to take a minuet to let you -the listener- know what my intention is with The Soul Podcast. 

There’s a small list of ideas that cross all cultures. As far back as we can see into our histories, these are ideas that connect us all. And interestingly, most of these are things we cannot touch. Over the centuries we have spent much energy dissecting these ideas -trying to understand them.

Love is one of these universal ideas. Every culture writes of love. Every culture understands the idea of love. We try to make sense of it. The ancient Greeks divided love into four parts to describe different types of love. Really, trying to nail down this feeling we all are capable of and an emotion we enjoy being part of. Who doesn’t want to feel loved? Love connects us all. It’s universal. And some of the earliest writings we find, feature the idea of love. There’s no known culture that doesn’t word for it. 

The Heavens are another universal fixation. Since the earliest writing we see a worldwide interest in the way the planets and stars move through the universe and the shining objects that surround us in the sky. There are ancient structures on all inhabited continents that were built to align with objects in the night sky. These go back further than the written word. The heavens are a universal idea which connects us. 

The God Figure is another universal. Though gods come and go throughout the ages, all cultures have had the notion of a god figure. We find this in the earliest writings and pictographs. Wars have been fought over gods. People have been sacrificed over gods. Though there has been no universal agreement on the one true god, cultures seem to have always been looking for a god figure. This universal connects us.

And then there is the Soul.  

There is no single language that does not have a word for the Soul. It seems every time we find older writings or an ancient temple -there is some form of reference to the Soul found there. And there are many ways cultures try to define this thing we call the Soul. The ancient Egyptians had several words that described different parts of the Soul. We name it. We dissect it in our need to understand it. But no wars have ever been fought over the Soul. No one claims their Soul is only one true Soul. You don’t see cultures putting people to death over the idea of the Soul. 

I believe the Soul is the deepest truth we all share... with love closely behind. They are intertwined. And it seems both ideas are eternal. Love and the Soul are reflexively understood, and they have outlived gods. Love and the Soul stand the test of time.

When we work to quiet our minds, we come closer to our connection with the Soul. The better we get at this, the closer we come to what some call ecstasy. It’s what I call a Soul Reunion. I had mine. Aside from the moment I was born, it was the most important moment of my life. 

The universal ideas unite us all. Love and the Soul are the greatest of these ideas. Love and the Soul overlap and intertwine. Love might even be the reason for our journey here on Earth. The Soul Podcast is my way of helping others make their Soul reunion. In doing that I hope to help you strengthen your Soul connection and create more love in the world. 

So – In season one I showed you the history of the Soul. I showed how it’s undeniable we’ve always known about it for a vast amount of time. If we go back more than 120,000 generations of people… we were already aware of the Soul. The evidence is there in the artifacts. And we still understand.

We don’t seem to have a scientific way to prove the Soul exists -at least not yet. Maybe there will never be a way to prove it. But in season two we’re going to look at evidence for the Soul. And there’s a lot of evidence. But any of you who have sat silently have probably experienced the Soul. Maybe you even heard it. Felt it. It’s that quiet sensation that speaks to you when you turn your face towards the sun. It’s the quiet knowing you find in nature. Those moments when we’re alone but not alone at all. 

When we peal back the layers life has put on us, we get closer to the truth of ourselves. The deeper we get into those layers, the closer we get to the Soul. And we are all a Soul. 

From the Soul of me to the Soul of you… welcome to season two.